Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 7 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

June 20, 2023

BET Channel revealed data about premiere date of Tyler Perry's Sistas season 7. New episodes will return on January 3rd, 2024. Read below fresh news and rumors about next season.
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Comedy TV Series Tyler Perry's Sistas first time shown on October 23rd, 2019 at BET Network from United States. Television Series has 125 episodes in 6 seasons that aired every Wednesday at 9 pm. It was created by Tyler Perry (Creator).

New episodes is aired on Wednesdays and has length 60 minutes. Audience grading series with average rating 3.3.


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The Plot

Tyler Perry's Sistas - Plot
Friends like to play a joke on Andrea - they say that you specifically work as a divorce agent, because you are the first to see free and attractive divorcees and the first to approach them with offers of emotions and intimacy. And they, at such moments, hurt and feeling unnecessary, sleep with you even with some gratitude. Sabrina is less fortunate - she sighs for a colleague in whom she is not even sure whether he is straight or not - who will make out these sleek and smoothed bankers! In general, women are even slightly disappointed - before everyone was free and windy, but now they constantly come across vile married or suffering divorced. As if they have to constantly wear love for someone! It already begins to seem to them that they are trying too hard, that they have gone too far with self-improvement - after all, everyone yearns for some cruel bitches or stupid people, and they crawl to them only to whine and console themselves!

Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 7 Release Date

Tyler Perry's Sistas 7 Release Date
The BET Channel is not yet announcedwhat they will do with TV show “Tyler Perry's Sistas“. But by comparing with previous schedule, possible release date of Tyler Perry's Sistas 7th season is Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 7 Cast

Tyler Perry's Sistas  Cast List
The lead roles in TV series was played by Khaneshia “KJ” Smith as Andrea “Andi” Barnes and Ebony Obsidian as Karen Mott. Also Mignon (Daniella “Danni” King) and Novi Brown as Sabrina Hollins.

Schedule for Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 7

Episode number Name Date
7x01 Episode 1 January 3, 2024
7x02 Episode 2 January 10, 2024
7x03 Episode 3 January 17, 2024
7x04 Episode 4 January 24, 2024
7x05 Episode 5 January 31, 2024
7x06 Episode 6 February 7, 2024
7x07 Episode 7 February 14, 2024
7x08 Episode 8 February 21, 2024
7x09 Episode 9 February 28, 2024
7x10 Episode 10 March 6, 2024
7x11 Episode 11 March 13, 2024
7x12 Episode 12 May 22, 2024

Trailers and Video Teasers

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