The Other Black Girl Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

April 22, 2024

Hulu Channel declared about release date of The Other Black Girl season 2. New episodes will return on September 10, 2025. Read below fresh rumors and news about next season.
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Mystery Drama Comedy Television Series The Other Black Girl started from September 13, 2023 at Hulu Channel from USA. Television Series has 10 episodes in one season shown every Wednesday at 12 am. It was created by Marty Bowen (Executive Producer) and Rashida Jones (Developer).

New episodes is aired on Wednesdays and has duration minutes. Audience grading series with average rating 5.5.


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The Plot

The Other Black Girl - Plot
Many acquaintances made fun of Nella - they say, she found something to worry about - well, you’re the only dark-skinned person in your publishing house, what’s wrong with that? But Nella still felt uncomfortable with this lack of diversity. She was incredibly happy when the magazine hired Hazel as well. The girl immediately rushed to make friends and get close to her, sharing her feelings about her past loneliness. And everything seemed to be going well and smoothly, until Nella began to receive strange letters advising her to quit her job. After this, a rift with the “friend in misfortune” began. Why did everyone suddenly idolize her? Wasn't she the one who sent those nasty anonymous notes? It's as if there can only be one person of color in a publishing house, no matter who came first.

The Other Black Girl Season 2 Release Date

The Other Black Girl 2 Release Date
The Hulu Channel is not yet announcedtheir plans with TV show “The Other Black Girl“. But by comparing with previous schedule, likely premiere date of The Other Black Girl 2nd season is Wednesday, September 10, 2025.

The Other Black Girl Season 2 Cast

The Other Black Girl  Cast List
The lead roles in television series was played by Ashleigh Murray as Hazel May McCall and Eric McCormack as Richard Wagner. As well Sinclair Daniel (Nella Rogers), Brittany Adebumola (Malaika), Hunter Parrish (Owen) and Bellamy Young as Vera Parini.

Schedule for The Other Black Girl Season 2

Episode number Name Date
2x01 Episode 1 September 10, 2025
2x02 Episode 2 September 10, 2025
2x03 Episode 3 September 10, 2025
2x04 Episode 4 September 10, 2025
2x05 Episode 5 September 10, 2025
2x06 Episode 6 September 10, 2025
2x07 Episode 7 September 10, 2025
2x08 Episode 8 September 10, 2025
2x09 Episode 9 September 10, 2025
2x10 Episode 10 September 10, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

THE OTHER BLACK GIRL Official Trailer (2023) Thriller
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