Riverdale Season 5 Release Date, News, Trailer and Anouncment

July 13, 2020

The series, based on the «Archie» comics series, will get a second season before the end of 2017 year. What «The CW» channel prepare in new episodes of popular teen drama, watch on this page.

Riverdale Season 3 Release date

Release date of the «Riverdale» TV series 5th season officialy set to the January 2020. Shooting process will start at the end of summer at the Canadian city Vancouver. Delay was caused by COVID-19 pandemia.

This teen drama deservedly become one of the most anticipated shows at The CW. TV series made by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tells about life in a small province – Riverdale, which, despite its tiny size, has a lot of mysteries. Deal with them have the main character – the local school student Archie Andrews.


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Events of TV series begins from tragic death of Jason Blossom, who was the best friend of Archie. It totally changes the life of the Andrews in this academic year, he has become a new person. The guy goes against his father will and decides to start a musician carrier, however, as most of his fellows.

Riverdale plot

The main character is the soul of the company and the owner of attractive appearance, so, for his heart is fighting several girls at the same time: Betty Cooper, which is secretly in love with Archie for a long time, the new girl Veronica Lodge from New York and Cheryl Blossom, the most popular girl in school, twin sister of ex-best friend Jason, who tragically died. Also, guy have many buddies – among them writer novice Jughead Jones from Archie class, singer Josie McCoy, etc. However, all of them should solve the mystery of the death of Blossom and simultaneously open new secrets that are hidden behind the thin walls of the province…

One year later, the mystery of the death of the best friend of the main character is not revealed. But it does not stop Archie Andrews and his fellows, who continue their education in high school. Fred wants his son to follow his father’s footsteps and began construction business, instead of making music. Veronica becomes the main girl of Andrews, which greatly saddens Betty and Cheryl. Jughead investigation brings unexpected facts to show.

Season 5 Preview

Riverdale Announcment

Archie and his classmates visit prom and graduation. First, second and third episode of new season will be logical ending of previous part. Betty reveal her dark nature again. Meanwhile, Veronica don’t stop her business against father.


Shooting of «Riverdale» series began with the traditional making of pilot episode, that channel The CW was create just in two weeks: from March 14 to April 1, 2015.

Later, after the approval of the project management from the cable network, the creation of the remaining 12 episodes have continued one and a half years – from September 7, 2015. Plot of teen drama based on the same name book series, established in Vancouver. The final episode of the first season was filmed before the premiere, in early 2017.


The selection of actors for the leading roles in the TV series treated with high painstaking – this is not the first attempt to film the comics, so characters will be compared with performers predecessors.

Actors from Riverdale TV Series

  • Actor for the main role, Archie Andrews – KJ Apa from New Zealand, who, like his character, is interested in music and plays on the guitar well.
  • Luke Perry, previously known from the TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210,” appeared in the show at the role of the main character’s father, Fred Andrews.
  • Actor Cole Sprouse is shown as Jughead Jones, a former best friend of Archie before the events of series.
  • Camila Mendes appeared in the role of a charming newcomer Veronica Lodge.
  • Old fan of Andrews and his girlfriend Betty Cooper plays Lili Reinhart.
  • Actress Madelaine Petsch portrays Cheryl Blossom, sister of ex-best friend of Archie.

Awards and ratings

Pilot episode was showed for journalists before world premiere, at January 2017. The IGN site gain 8.5 points from 10 possible. Others present at the pre-show critics are praise creators of the show. After world premiere, at January 26, Metacritic rating mark episode named “Chapter One: The River’s Edge” with 7.2/10. At the evening The CW gain only 1.37 million viewers (among adults 18-49), that is bad.

Facts about the show

  • TV show is based on a series of «Archie Comics», which is available in the US since 1946.
  • This is not the first attempt of idea adaptation. CBS in 1968, on the «Saturday morning cartoon» in 1987, in 1999 on PAX Network and on the Hub Network in 2013 showed cartoons, created on this concept. In 1990, NBC channel showed own film «Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again», and in 1996 Showtime presented tape «Sabrina, the Teenage Witch».
  • Initially, the creators of «Riverdale» series attended the FOX channel in 2014 with the adaptation of the proposal, but soon abandoned the leadership of this idea and the show was moved to The CW.
  • City of Riverdale is in the state of Georgia, USA. Filming the show took place in the city of Vancouver.
  • The script for the teen drama written by Roberto Aguirre-Saka.
  • The premiere of the first 13-episode season, held January 26, 2017.


Episode numberNameRelease date
5x01Episode 1 - "Chapter 77: Climax"January 20, 2021
5x02Episode 2 - "Chapter 78: The Preppy Murders"January 27, 2021
5x03Episode 3 - "Chapter 79: Graduation"February 3, 2021
5x04Episode 4 - "Chapter 80: Purgatory"February 10, 2021
5x05Episode 5 - "Chapter 81: The Homecoming"February 17, 2021
5x06Episode 6February 24, 2021
5x07Episode 7March 3, 2021
5x08Episode 8March 10, 2021
5x09Episode 9March 17, 2021
5x10Episode 10March 24, 2021
5x11Episode 11March 31, 2021
5x12Episode 12April 7, 2021
5x13Episode 13April 14, 2021
5x14Episode 14April 21, 2021
5x15Episode 15April 28, 2021
5x16Episode 16May 5, 2021
5x17Episode 17May 12, 2021
5x18Episode 18May 19, 2021
5x19Episode 19May 26, 2021
5x20Episode 20June 2, 2021
5x21Episode 21June 9, 2021
5x22Episode 22June 16, 2021
5x23Episode 23June 23, 2021

Trailers and video teasers

Unofficial 5th season trailer

About fifth season of Riverdale TV series from Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

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