Pantheon Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

October 22, 2023

Prime Video Channel declared about premiere date of Pantheon season 3. TV Show will back on October 12, 2025. Here’s all to know on the third season.
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Science-Fiction Drama Television Series Pantheon premiered on September 1, 2022 at Prime Video Network from USA. Television Series has 16 episodes in 2 seasons shown every Thursday at 12 am. It was produced by Albert Kim (Co-Executive Producer) and Michael Taylor (Executive Producer).

Fresh episodes is aired on Thursdays and has duration minutes. Viewers ranking show with average rating 7.5.


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The Plot

Pantheon - Plot
Maddy loved programming, but what's the point when in life she was too shy and was subjected to school bullying. Moreover, a relative, so talented and brilliant, died, leaving her only codes and programs. One day, a hacker begins to write to her, who communicates only with emoticons - he sets the bullies on each other. Maddie begins to hint that she should also participate in break-ins, but no one guarantees her an alibi or asylum. They will simply arrange everything as a curious and impudent schoolgirl who decided to play an unprincipled hacker. Maddy agrees, but not because she wants to become more authoritative or more significant - they had something to offer her - a father. However, she is not sure if he would have supported her, knowing that this company ruined him.

Pantheon Season 3 Release Date

Pantheon 3 Release Date
The Prime Video Channel is not yet revealedtheir plans with TV show “Pantheon“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, likely premiere date of Pantheon 3rd season is Sunday, October 12, 2025.

Pantheon Season 3 Cast

Pantheon  Cast List
The primary roles in television series was played by Katie Chang as Maddie Kim and Daniel Dae Kim as David Kim. Also Rosemarie DeWitt (Ellen Kim), Paul Dano (Caspian Keyes), Aaron Eckhart (Cary Keyes), Taylor Schilling (Renée Keyes), Raza Jaffrey (Vinod Chanda), Chris Diamantopoulos (Julius Pope) and Ron Livingston as Dr. Peter Waxman.

Schedule for Pantheon Season 3

Episode number Name Date
3x01 Episode 1 October 12, 2025
3x02 Episode 2 October 12, 2025
3x03 Episode 3 October 12, 2025
3x04 Episode 4 October 12, 2025
3x05 Episode 5 October 12, 2025
3x06 Episode 6 October 12, 2025
3x07 Episode 7 October 12, 2025
3x08 Episode 8 October 12, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Pantheon Season 3 | Release date & Trailer | Date Announced!! | Prime Video
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