Ghosts Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

June 1, 2023

CBS Channel reported about premiere date of Ghosts season 3. TV Series will return on October 19, 2023. Watch below fresh rumors and news about next season.
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Supernatural Comedy Television Series Ghosts first time shown on October 7th, 2021 at CBS Channel from United States. Television Series has 62 episodes in 3 seasons that aired every Thursday at 8 pm. It was created by Joe Port (Developer) and Joe Port (Executive Producer).

Fresh episodes comes out on Thursdays and has duration 30 minutes. Viewers ranking series with average rating 6.8.


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The Plot

Ghosts - Plot
Sam, of course, was happy about the inheritance, but she treated it with caution in advance - after all, it doesn’t happen that someone is presented with something so large, in any case there will be a catch! She has already managed to forget that she was dead for three minutes, but her new afterlife acquaintances do not get tired of reminding her of this. But her husband does not see or hear anything, enjoys the house and does not understand why Sam has become so nervous. They have no children, and she constantly walks around as if she is being harassed with requests at every turn. From time to time he hears buzzing or smells something nasty in the air, but he is too nerdy and rational to associate it with ghosts. You have to believe - after all, during the repair, someone will stumble upon fresh remains.

Ghosts Season 3 Release Date

Ghosts 3 Release Date
The CBS Channel is not yet announcedwhat they will do with television series “Ghosts“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, likely premiere date of Ghosts 3rd season is Thursday, October 19, 2023.

Ghosts Season 3 Cast

Ghosts  Cast List
The lead roles in TV series was played by Brandon Scott Jones as Captain Isaac Higgintoot and Rose McIver as Samantha Arondekar. Also Utkarsh Ambudkar (Jay Arondekar), Asher Grodman (Trevor Lefkowitz), Richie Moriarty (Pete Martino), Danielle Pinnock (Alberta Haynes), Rebecca Wisocky (Henrietta “Hetty” Woodstone), Sheila Carrasco (Flower), Román Zaragoza (Sasappis) and Devan Long as Thorfinn.

Schedule for Ghosts Season 3

Episode number Name Date
3x01 Episode 1 October 19, 2023
3x02 Episode 2 October 26, 2023
3x03 Episode 3 November 2, 2023
3x04 Episode 4 November 9, 2023
3x05 Episode 5 November 16, 2023
3x06 Episode 6 November 23, 2023
3x07 Episode 7 November 30, 2023
3x08 Episode 8 December 28, 2023
3x09 Episode 9 January 4, 2024
3x10 Episode 10 January 4, 2024
3x11 Episode 11 January 25, 2024
3x12 Episode 12 February 1, 2024
3x13 Episode 13 February 22, 2024
3x14 Episode 14 February 29, 2024
3x15 Episode 15 March 7, 2024
3x16 Episode 16 March 21, 2024
3x17 Episode 17 March 28, 2024
3x18 Episode 18 April 18, 2024
3x19 Episode 19 May 2, 2024
3x20 Episode 20 May 16, 2024
3x21 Episode 21 May 23, 2024
3x22 Episode 22 May 30, 2024

Trailers and Video Teasers

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Trailer
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