Vikings Season 5 Release Date, News and Trailer

August 10, 2017
    The television series «Vikings» became the most successful project of the Canadian television channel «History». Over the past four seasons, viewers have fallen in love with the harsh Vikings performed by the actors of the series and imbued with the atmosphere of the gloomy Middle Ages.

    Vikings Season 5 release date

    Luxurious decorations, expensive suits, fascinating plot – all this keeps millions of fans of this TV Show in suspense, forcing them to count the days before the release of the new season. British co-producer and screenwriter Michael Hirst announced the extension of the show on March 17, 2016, and began filming at the summer of 2017. According to the creators, «Vikings» renewed for season 5, which will be released on November 29, 2017. A total number of episodes in new season is twenty.

    The main feature of this TV series is the reliance on real historical characters and events. In the center of the story is the majestic figure of the brave Vikings – Ragnar Lodbrock and his sons, which are the descendants from the god Odin. After making a difficult journey from an ordinary warrior to a Viking leader, he conquers lands and peoples, performs legendary feats, but nothing that is human is alien to him: Ragnar has many sons ready to continue his glorious cause.


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    First season action begins at Scandinavia in 793, a young ambitious warrior of the Dan tribe – Ragnar – was tired of the shortsighted decisions of the local ruler. Having enlisted the support of his brother Rollo and the ship builder Floki, he decides to hike in the lands of England. The long journey ends successfully: the Vikings return to their homeland with a rich booty. Ragnar’s position among the people is strengthened, he becomes the ruler of the Danes and organizes new raids on Northumbria. But betrayal awaits the young ruler from the closest person: Rollo not only wants his brother’s wife, he conspires against Ragnar with the leader of the Geth tribe – the Borg, an interminable conflict is brewing.

    Vikings Plot

    Second season was no less exciting: Ragnar, who had emerged victorious in internecine wars, start a new campaign – this time the lands of Wessex would tremble. His wife – Lagertha – leaves the warrior, taking his son away, and becomes ruler of Hedeby. Without the leader, the Borg seizes his land, but Ragnar, with the support of his ex-wife, returns the Kattegat, and then becomes a Konung after killing Horik. Lodbrock suffers the first defeat from the combined forces of Wessex and Northumbria, but everything ends with peace: the Vikings were offered new lands in exchange for service.

    In season 3, Ragnar and Lagertha fight on the side of the Princess Kwenthrith, defeating the troops of her relatives victoriously. But in the warrior’s head a much larger idea is already ripening: the capture of Paris. The victory promises the huge wealth and even enemies unites with Ragnar. In 845, the Vikings came out: a long siege ended with victory and plunder of the city. Rollo leaves his brother to serve for the French.

    The sons of Ragnar

    In season 4, Ragnar is seriously ill, the Kattegat management falls into the hands of his son Björn. As soon as the disease recedes, the indefatigable Ragnar commits a new attack on Paris. But Rollo defends the city and the Vikings suffer a crushing defeat. His fellow tribesmen force Ragnar to leave the village. After returning, he discovers that his younger sons have grown into men who do not feel anything for him except hatred. Still loves him only Ivar – a cripple from birth. Together with his father they make an unsuccessful attack on England, as a result of which Ragnar is executed. And Ivar, returning to his homeland, joins his brothers in a great raid on Northumbria and Wessex: the death of his father will be avenged.

    Season 5 Preview

    In season 5, the sons of the legendary Ragnar, who have departed from government affairs, will be in the center of the plot. The triumphant victory in Paris and the conquest of England are pushing the Vikings to new raids: Bjorn asks Rollo’s help in conquering the Mediterranean.

    Fifth Season Anouncement

    The creators of the series will introduce many new characters in season 5: one of the roles will be performed by the Hollywood actor with Irish descent – Jonathan Reese Myers, known for the projects «Tudors» and «Dracula». In the series will appear famous historical characters: Alfred the Great, Ivar the Boneless, the Vikings will make trips to Kievan Rus and Iceland. Floki and Bjorn will remain in the limelight, but Lagertha’s future in the project is rather vague: rumors are circulating that death awaits her in the new season.


    Most scenes from the series are filmed in unique natural places. The creators of the series attracted Ireland, and it is not surprising that directors of the «Game of Thrones» and many other large-scale historical projects went to the reserved places of this ancient country for the beautiful frames. The favorite place for filming was Wicklow County, located 100 km away from Dublin. The name of the county is translated as «Viking Meadow», the place was predetermined for filming itself by fate.

    One of the most spectacular scenes of the series – the conquest of Paris by the Vikings. TV Show producers built unique scenery, the most ambitious in Europe, for shooting. During the filming, hundreds of stuntmen literally burned at work: they were really set on fire for the scene of taking the castle. The scenery itself deserves special attention: all the stained glass and statues, each tile – is the manual work of the project artists.


    Selection of actors is an important component of the shooting process, it is necessary to discern the possibilities and potential of thousands of candidates for the role. For the filming of the «Vikings» series, first selected performers of secondary roles, only then the creators decided on the fate of the main characters. Most of the actors from the series have Canadian and Irish descent, all of them before work had to master the basics of fencing.

    Vikings Cast

    The role of Ragnar Lodbrock was approved by Australian actor Travis Fimmel, for the not-young artist, this role became a real breakthrough in his career.

    Clive Stenden brilliantly played the role of Ragnar’s brother – Rollo, ex-stuntman, whose skills influenced the statement in the series.

    Canadian actress Catherine Vinnik played the role of Lagertha. She’s ancestors were from Ukraine, that’s why she has that unusual surname.

    Gustaf Skarsgard became almost the only one real descendant of the Vikings on the set – the performer of the role of Floki was born in Sweden, his height is as much as 193 cm.

    Facts about the show

    • Ragnar Lodbrok was presumably the ruler of Sweden and Denmark in the 9th century, but there are no historical documents confirming this fact.
    • Ravens are often shown in the series, it’s not accidental: in Scandinavian mythology, these birds were revered as Odin’s companions, informing him of all events in the world.
    • The Vikings gave the characteristic nicknames of the most prominent figures in history: «Lodbrok» translates as leather pants, «Harbard» – gray-bearded.
    • All the characters from the show are decorated with tattoos: according to historians, drawing on the body was indeed inherent to the Scandinavians folks.
    • One of the most unusual tattoos in the project belongs to Rollo: it depicts the classical scene of the apocalypse from Scandinavian mythology – «Ragnarök».

    When will the 5th season of the Vikings premiere

    Episode numberNameRelease date
    5x01Episode1 - PilotNovember 29, 2017
    5x02Episode 2December 6, 2017
    5x03Episode 3December 13, 2017
    5x04Episode 4December 20, 2017
    5x05Episode 5December 27, 2017
    5x06Episode 6January 3, 2018
    5x07Episode 7January 10, 2018
    5x08Episode 8January 17, 2018
    5x09Episode 9January 24, 2018
    5x10Episode 10January 31, 2018
    5x11Episode 11February 7, 2018
    5x12Episode 12February 14, 2018
    5x13Episode 13February 21, 2018
    5x14Episode 14February 28, 2018
    5x15Episode 15March 7, 2018
    5x16Episode 16March 14, 2018
    5x17Episode 17March 21, 2018
    5x18Episode 18March 28, 2018
    5x19Episode 19April 4, 2018
    5x20Episode 20April 11, 2018

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