Search Party Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

February 15, 2021

HBO Max Network declared about release date of Search Party season 5. TV Show will come on January 7th, 2022. Watch below fresh news and rumors about upcoming season.Search Party Promotional Poster

Mystery Drama Comedy Television Series Search Party first time shown on November 21st, 2016 at HBO Max Channel from USA. TV Show has 50 episodes in 5 seasons shown every Monday at 12 am. It was created by Michael Showalter (Creator) and Michael Showalter (Executive Producer).

New episodes comes out on Mondays and has duration 46 minutes. Audience ranking show with average rating 6.


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The Plot

Search Party - PlotNot all classmates keep in touch with each other. Therefore, when Dory was walking down the street and saw a strange notice, she could not walk past it. The photo showed a girl with whom they studied together at the university. Dory and her three friends decided to find their missing mate. They met a woman at the police station, she had seen Chantal. She even knows why she is hiding and where she is now. But why did the girl make her relatives worry, why does she not announce herself and give news about herself? Why does everybody need all this farce, did she really get into a dangerous company? And will she agree to return back to the city if friends come to her shelter, will she be glad of them? After all, if a person voluntarily hides, he does not want to be so meticulously looked for.

Search Party Season 5 Release Date

Search Party 5 Release DateThe HBO Max Network is not yet revealed what they will do with TV series “Search Party“. But by comparing with previous schedule, potential premiere date of Search Party 5th season is Friday, January 7, 2022.

Search Party Season 5 Cast

Search Party Cast ListThe main roles in TV series was played by Alia Shawkat as Dory Sief and Meredith Hagner as Portia Davenport. Either John Reynolds (Drew Gardner), John Early (Elliott Goss) and Brandon Micheal Hall as Julian Marcus.

Schedule for Search Party Season 5

Episode number Name Date
5x01 Episode 1 - "Episode 1" January 7, 2022
5x02 Episode 2 - "Episode 2" January 7, 2022
5x03 Episode 3 - "Episode 3" January 7, 2022
5x04 Episode 4 - "Episode 4" January 7, 2022
5x05 Episode 5 - "Episode 5" January 7, 2022
5x06 Episode 6 - "Episode 6" January 7, 2022
5x07 Episode 7 - "Episode 7" January 7, 2022
5x08 Episode 8 - "Episode 8" January 7, 2022
5x09 Episode 9 - "Episode 9" January 7, 2022
5x10 Episode 10 - "Episode 10" January 7, 2022

Trailers and Video Teasers

Season - The Game Awards 2020: Official Announcement Trailer | PS5
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