Project Blue Book Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

June 6, 2020

History Network reported about release date of Project Blue Book season 3. TV Series will back on February 28th, 2023. That’s everything to know on the third season.Project Blue Book Promotional Poster

Science-Fiction Mystery Drama Television Series Project Blue Book first time shown on January 8, 2019 at History Network from United States. TV Series has 20 episodes in 2 seasons shown every Tuesday at 10 pm. It was created by Thania St. John (Co-Executive Producer) and David O'Leary (Co-Executive Producer).

Fresh episodes is aired on Tuesdays and has duration 60 minutes. Viewers grading series with average rating 7.5.


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The Plot

Project Blue Book - PlotFriends and acquaintances think that Allen has the most boring job in the world. Indeed, what can an astrophysicist do in such a fascinating way? But the man does not tell anyone that he works in the strictest confidence. And he is busy not at all on the proof of theorems, but on the capture of aliens. In the department, the task is to at least bring pictures or other clues that this extraterrestrial race exists. But UFOs are very cunning, they leave no traces and carefully plan all their movements. They very quickly disappear from the scene, intimidate witnesses and cause memory lapses in them. But Allen believes that one day he and his colleagues will succeed in attacking the right track. So far, he is only watching, but continues to make traps.

Project Blue Book Season 3 Release Date

Project Blue Book 3 Release DateThe History Network is not yet announced their plans with television series “Project Blue Book“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, potential premiere date of Project Blue Book 3rd season is Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Project Blue Book Season 3 Cast

Project Blue Book Cast ListThe main roles in TV show was played by Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Michael Malarkey as Captain Michael Quinn. Also Neal McDonough (General James Harding), Ksenia Solo (Susie Miller), Laura Mennell (Mimi Hynek) and Michael Harney as General Hugh Valentine.

Schedule for Project Blue Book Season 3

Episode number Name Date
3x01 Episode 1 February 28, 2023
3x02 Episode 2 March 7, 2023
3x03 Episode 3 March 14, 2023
3x04 Episode 4 March 21, 2023
3x05 Episode 5 March 28, 2023
3x06 Episode 6 April 4, 2023
3x07 Episode 7 April 11, 2023
3x08 Episode 8 April 18, 2023
3x09 Episode 9 April 25, 2023
3x10 Episode 10 May 2, 2023

Trailers and Video Teasers

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