Loudermilk Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

April 12, 2022

Prime Video Network declared about release date of Loudermilk season 4. TV Show will come on December 25th, 2025. Read below fresh rumors and news about upcoming season.Loudermilk Promotional Poster

Comedy TV Show Loudermilk started from October 17th, 2017 at Prime Video Network from USA. TV Show has 30 episodes in 3 seasons that aired every Tuesday at 12 am.

New episodes is aired on Tuesdays and has length minutes. Viewers grading series with average rating 7.1.


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The Plot

Loudermilk - PlotAlcohol addiction can happen to anyone, and people do not even really understand how fragile their psyche is. A small trigger at the most inopportune moment is enough for the hand to reach for alcohol. But Loudermilk has been clean for four years, and, moreover, even helps other people. A man loves black humor and often is rude to visitors to his group but they do not stop going to therapy. The same methods help people to stop using drugs and drink alcohol, despite numerous complaints. But the local priest decided to set his own terms. Either Sam helps to get rid of the addiction of one parishioners' daughter or he will personally make sure that the group is closed. Well, Loudermilk will not pretend to be a sympathetic gentleman.

Loudermilk Season 4 Release Date

Loudermilk 4 Release DateThe Prime Video Network is not yet announced their plans with TV show “Loudermilk“. But by comparing with previous schedule, likely release date of Loudermilk 4th season is Thursday, December 25, 2025.

Loudermilk Season 4 Cast

Loudermilk  Cast ListThe central roles in TV show was played by Ron Livingston as Dave Loudermilk and Will Sasso as Ben. As well Anja Savcic (Claire) and Laura Mennell as Allison.

Schedule for Loudermilk Season 4

Episode number Name Date
4x01 Episode 1 December 25, 2025
4x02 Episode 2 December 25, 2025
4x03 Episode 3 December 25, 2025
4x04 Episode 4 December 25, 2025
4x05 Episode 5 December 25, 2025
4x06 Episode 6 December 25, 2025
4x07 Episode 7 December 25, 2025
4x08 Episode 8 December 25, 2025
4x09 Episode 9 December 25, 2025
4x10 Episode 10 December 25, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Loudermilk | Official Trailer
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