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March 17, 2023

Freeform Network revealed data about premiere date of Good Trouble season 5. TV Series will return on March 16th, 2023. That’s all to know on the fifth season.Good Trouble Promotional Poster

Legal Family Drama Television Series Good Trouble first time shown on January 8, 2019 at Freeform Network from United States. Television Series has 88 episodes in 5 seasons shown every Wednesday at 10 pm. It was created by Jennifer Lopez (Executive Producer) and Maia Mitchell (Executive Producer).

New episodes is aired on Wednesdays and has duration 60 minutes. Audience grading series with average rating 6.6.


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The Plot

Good Trouble - PlotGood Trouble is an American television series, it’s a spin-off of The Fosters. The events of it are supposed to happen a few years after the original movie’s actions and begins with a 13th episode of the 1st season. Adoptive sisters Callie Adams and Mariana Adams Fosters are moving into a kind of dormitory in Los Angeles to embark on the next steps in their lives. Now they are young adults who intend to work there. Callie launches a career as a law clerk, she gets a job from Judge Wilson. At the same time Mariana chooses an IT-sphere and manages to be a software engineer. Both of them start their adulthood learning how to deal with all sorts of people, especially with neighborhood and acquaintances. Good trouble demonstrates the way two siblings cope with difficulties and solve upcoming problems.

Good Trouble Season 5 Release Date

Good Trouble 5 Release DateThe Freeform Channel is not yet revealed their plans with TV series “Good Trouble“. But by comparing with previous schedule, likely premiere date of Good Trouble 5th season is Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Good Trouble Season 5 Cast

Good Trouble  Cast ListKey roles in TV show was played by Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster and Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Adams Foster. Either Emma Hunton (Davia Moss), Tommy Martinez (Gael Martinez), Zuri Adele (Malika Williams), Sherry Cola (Alice Kwan), Josh Pence (Dennis) and Roger Bart as Judge Curtis Wilson.

Schedule for Good Trouble Season 5

Episode number Name Date
5x01 Episode 1 - "Shot in the Dark" March 16, 2023
5x02 Episode 2 - "It Was Not Your Fault But Mine" March 23, 2023
5x03 Episode 3 - "About Damn Time" March 30, 2023
5x04 Episode 4 - "Under Pressure" April 6, 2023
5x05 Episode 5 - "I Gotta Feeling" April 13, 2023
5x06 Episode 6 - "Once a Cheater" April 20, 2023
5x07 Episode 7 - "Turkey for Me, Turkey for You" April 27, 2023
5x08 Episode 8 - "I'll Take All the Blame" May 4, 2023
5x09 Episode 9 - "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" May 11, 2023
5x10 Episode 10 - "Opening Night" May 18, 2023
5x11 Episode 11 - "I Am Doll Parts" January 2, 2024
5x12 Episode 12 - "With a Little Help From My Friends" January 9, 2024
5x13 Episode 13 - "Hanging by a Moment" January 16, 2024
5x14 Episode 14 - "Party of One" January 23, 2024
5x15 Episode 15 - "It's My Party, I Can Die if I Want To" January 30, 2024
5x16 Episode 16 - "One Way or Another" February 6, 2024
5x17 Episode 17 - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" February 13, 2024
5x18 Episode 18 - "All These Engagements" February 20, 2024
5x19 Episode 19 - "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" February 27, 2024
5x20 Episode 20 - "What Now?" March 5, 2024

Trailers and Video Teasers

Good Trouble | Season 5 Official Trailer | Freeform
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