Get Shorty Season 4 Release Date, News, Trailer and Anouncment

February 15, 2022

In August 2017 the first season of TV series «Get Shorty» came out on American channel EPIX. It’s based on the novel by Elmore Leonard and it’s a remake of self-titled movie released in 1995. The project was well received by critics and viewers and the show was given a second season after the pilot episode appeared on screens. The2nd season started in August 2018 but nothing was said about the 3rd season. The fans of the project are sure that it will be given a «green light» and they are waiting eagerly for their favorite story to continue. Given the increased viewer’s attention, there is no doubt about it.

Get Shorty Poster

The series’ genre is a criminal comedy and it has little to do with the original story, except for the main idea. EPIX and the MGM Television company haven’t announced officially the date of the release. However, very few people doubt that fact, that the show will continue and the 3rd season of «Get Shorty» may appear on the screens in 2020.

The main character Miles Daly used to be a mercenary for mafia in Nevada but he decided to change his occupation and to take up film-making in Hollywood. As a partner, he takes his producer Rick, whose finest hour is already over. There are lots of interesting things in this business but Miles’ dark past doesn’t want to let him go that easily.


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The Plot

The main character, Miles Daly, is a mercenary, working for a gang. He is always ready to kick a couple of teeth or to cut somebody’s fingers and take all the cash of the poor fellow as well. Miles had been satisfied with his lifestyle until his own daughter appeared. It was she who influenced her father who was already thinking about changing his life. So Miles is going to do something completely different. For many years ago he has wanted to become a film producer and now he finally gets such an opportunity.

Get Shorty - Plot

Soon the hero comes to Hollywood where he wants to make quality movies. So this way he tries to launder money which he earned when he was a criminal. In bustling Los Angeles he meets a nebbish producer and they make up a creative union. The main character understands that he can’t break his criminal habits completely. Sometimes he has to deal with local hooligans or to threaten some directors to get a permission to make a movie. However, his old friends don’t want to let him go and start to chase Miles.

TV Series announcement

The main character of the show has a connection with the gang world. He has committed lots of crimes and he can’t get rid of them. However, Miles Daly decides to change his life radically because he has a daughter whom he cherishes and whom he cares about. On his daughter’s account he decides to move to Los Angeles and to start making movies. He understands that he can’t break his past habits completely. Sometimes he gets things done using force and threatening. There he meets a producer of some unknown movies which weren’t successful at all. Together they decide to unite and to make quality movies. But his quondam friends don’t want to let him go and follow Miles in Los Angeles. In the second season a gang of mercenaries sent by his ex-boss is chasing the main character. Miles realizes that he knows too much and his ex-boss is worried that he can tell some interesting things to the police… Life of the Shorty becomes totally insane.

Preview of the 4rd season

Get Shorty Season 4

If the season comes out, Daly will still be making movies and laundering the dirty money. But his ex-colleagues from the criminal world will blight his life. The main intrigue is the attempts of the hero to become a better person. Will Hollywood ever be able to change Miles for the better?


As it was mentioned, shooting team is really large. However, the matters could not be the otherwise in the American filmmaking industry. The new episodes come out once a week and the shooting process isn’t much different from making serious movies. The director, Adam Arkin, is definitely a boss on the film set. As for «Get Shorty», Adam is also a producer; he had his hand in financing first two seasons. Adam is also famous as a director of such well-known projects as «The Blacklist», «Sons of Anarchy», «Fargo» and etc. Furthermore, Adam has also succeeded in acting; he has played more than 100 roles in his own and other people’s projects.

The project is about filmmaking in Hollywood. It’s no wonder that lion’s share of the material is filmed in Los-Angeles, where Hollywood with its Walk of Fame is located.

Cast of the series

Worthy script and properly chosen cast sometimes work wonders. Many nuances are especially important when it is a remake of 1995 movie. And given the audience’s reaction – the modern loose adaptation is really successful.

Get Shorty - Cast

Miles Daly – the main character who preferred filmmaking to mafia.

Rick Moreweather (Ray Romano) – Miles’ partner. He is a nebbish producer.

Amara (Lidia Porto) – ex-boss of the main character.

Emma (Carolyn Dodd) – Miles’ daughter.

Louis Darnell (Sean Bridgers) – Daly’s ex-partner.

Interesting facts about the show

  • «Get shorty» is a modern adaptation of the self-titled movie which came out in 1995. And that in its turn was a film adaptation of a famous novel by Elmore Leonard;
  • In the fifth episode the characters are watching the movie «Shooter» (1957);
  • The mastermind of the series is Davey Holmes;
  • The project came out on TV on the 13-th of August and it was given the second season ten days later;
  • It’s the first work of «Holmes Quality Yarns» studio in the industry;
  • The creator of the series and the scriptwriter of the pilot episodes is Davey Holmes who worked on such projects as « Pushing Daisies» and «Shameless» (USA, 2011).
  • Holmes decided to shoot a remake of a popular 1995 movie «Get Shorty» and MGM bosses supported him;
  • A large team is working on the creation of the series, with a total of two hundred thirty one actors, ten scriptwriters, fourteen producers and seven directors;
  • Every season is shot in the first half of the year on the territory of the USA – in Los Angeles and in the city of Albuquerque which is a part of the state of New Mexico.

When will Get Shorty Season 4 be released

Episode numberNameRelease date
3x01Episode1 - PilotOctober 21, 2019
3x02Episode 2October 21, 2019
3x03Episode 3October 21, 2019
3x04Episode 4October 21, 2019
3x05Episode 5October 21, 2019
3x06Episode 6October 21, 2019
3x07Episode 7October 21, 2019
3x08Episode 8October 21, 2019
3x09Episode 9October 21, 2019
3x10Episode 10October 21, 2019

Trailers and video teasers

Official trailer

Chris O’Dowd talking about Get Shorty on CBS

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