The Witcher Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

April 12, 2022

Netflix Network announced premiere date of The Witcher season 3. TV Show will come on December 15th, 2023. Read below fresh rumors and news about upcoming season.The Witcher Promotional Poster

Fantasy Drama Action TV Series The Witcher first time shown on December 20th, 2019 at Netflix Network from USA. TV Show has 24 episodes in 3 seasons that aired every Friday at 12 am. It was produced by Jenny Klein (Co-Executive Producer) and Alik Sakharov (Executive Producer).

Fresh episodes is aired on Fridays and has duration minutes. Audience grading series with average rating 8.2.


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The Plot

The Witcher - PlotThis TV Show from NETFLIX based on the story of Witcher whose name is Geralt of Rivia. Witchers go through terrible transformations to become invulnerable assassins. In this cruel world, Geralt has to find his place, because people here are like monsters and worse than any animals. Geralt is an unusual person and fate connects him with the same extraordinary people as he is. Now he is familiar with the powerful sorceress, and together they must help the young princess defeat the evil that intends to attack the continent and destroy every living being. The story of courage, love and friendship between completely different people. Many exciting, funny and scary situations. In the magical world, everything is just like in real life.

The Witcher Season 3 Release Date

The Witcher 3 Release DateThe Netflix Channel is not yet revealed their plans with TV series “The Witcher“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, likely release date of The Witcher 3rd season is Friday, December 15, 2023.

The Witcher Season 3 Cast

The Witcher  Cast ListThe lead roles in TV show was played by Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia and Freya Allan as Ciri. Either Anya Chalotra (Yennefer), Mimi Ndiweni (Fringilla), Eamon Farren (Cahir), MyAnna Buring (Tissaia), Wilson Radjou-Pujalte (Dara), Joey Batey (Jaskier), Royce Pierreson (Istredd), Anna Shaffer (Triss) and Mahesh Jadu as Vilgefortz.

Schedule for The Witcher Season 3

Episode number Name Date
3x01 Episode 1 December 15, 2023
3x02 Episode 2 December 15, 2023
3x03 Episode 3 December 15, 2023
3x04 Episode 4 December 15, 2023
3x05 Episode 5 December 15, 2023
3x06 Episode 6 December 15, 2023
3x07 Episode 7 December 15, 2023
3x08 Episode 8 December 15, 2023

Trailers and Video Teasers

The Witcher Season 3 Teaser Trailer 2023 Netflix Breakdown and Easter Eggs
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