The Villains of Valley View Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

June 19, 2023

Disney Channel Channel announced premiere date of The Villains of Valley View season 3. New episodes will be back on June 13, 2024. Here’s all to know on the third season.
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Comedy Children TV Show The Villains of Valley View first time shown on June 3, 2022 at Disney Channel Channel from United States. TV Show has 39 episodes in 2 seasons that aired every Sunday at 8 pm. It was created by Chris Peterson (Creator) and Bryan Moore (Creator).

New episodes comes out on Sundays and has duration 30 minutes. Audience grading series with average rating 6.3.


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The Plot

The Villains of Valley View - Plot
Who would have thought that villains would have to use fake names to escape from their own League! It would seem that the angrier the person, the more authority he should deserve from the rest. But, as it turned out, it was not worth crossing the road to its insidious and vicious head. Some atrocities can cross out other evil plans, as well as undermine the authority of the authorities, who will not stand on ceremony - kill the upstarts and that's it. Maddens try to behave like ordinary citizens, some even go to work with children. However, at home, they train their teenagers for all sorts of super-nasty things, secretly take part in all sorts of conventions and prepare to avenge being thrown out the door.

The Villains of Valley View Season 3 Release Date

The Villains of Valley View 3 Release Date
The Disney Channel Channel is not yet revealedwhat they will do with TV show “The Villains of Valley View“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, likely release date of The Villains of Valley View 3rd season is Thursday, June 13, 2024.

The Villains of Valley View Season 3 Cast

The Villains of Valley View  Cast List
The main roles in TV show was played by Isabella Pappas as Amy / Havoc and Malachi Barton as Colby / Flashform. As well Reed Horstmann (Jake / Chaos), Kayden Muller-Janssen (Hartley), James Patrick Stuart (Vic / Kraniac) and Lucy Davis as Eva / Surge.

Schedule for The Villains of Valley View Season 3

Episode number Name Date
3x01 Episode 1 June 13, 2024
3x02 Episode 2 June 13, 2024
3x03 Episode 3 June 21, 2024
3x04 Episode 4 June 28, 2024
3x05 Episode 5 July 5, 2024
3x06 Episode 6 July 12, 2024
3x07 Episode 7 July 19, 2024
3x08 Episode 8 July 26, 2024
3x09 Episode 9 August 2, 2024
3x10 Episode 10 August 9, 2024
3x11 Episode 11 August 16, 2024
3x12 Episode 12 September 15, 2024
3x13 Episode 13 September 22, 2024
3x14 Episode 14 September 27, 2024
3x15 Episode 15 October 6, 2024
3x16 Episode 16 October 13, 2024
3x17 Episode 17 October 20, 2024
3x18 Episode 18 October 27, 2024
3x19 Episode 19 November 29, 2024

Trailers and Video Teasers

Trailer | The Villains of Valley View | New Series 💥 | @disneychannel
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