The Shrink Next Door Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

November 1, 2022

Apple TV+ Network reported about release date of The Shrink Next Door season 2. TV Show will come on February 21st, 2025. That’s everything to know on the second season.
The Shrink Next Door Promotional Poster

Drama Comedy TV Series The Shrink Next Door started from November 12, 2021 at Apple TV+ Channel from USA. TV Series has 8 episodes in one season shown every Friday at 12 am. It was created by Mark Norby (Stunt Coordinator) and Luis M. PatiƱo (Co-Producer).

Fresh episodes comes out on Fridays and has length minutes. Audience ranking series with average rating 5.4.


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The Plot

The Shrink Next Door - Plot
Marty goes to Aika and his authoritative nature makes him desire the doctor's friendship. Despite the fact that it will be a crossing of professional boundaries, Aika agrees to it. It affects his break in relations with his sister, inspires and relieves him of eternal anxiety. All this contributes to the fact that Marty becomes co-dependent on a friend who continues to give him advice. Even gives him his inheritance, a house. However, at one of the many parties, Hayk's former patients begin to contact him. They try to warn Marty about being manipulative and about Aika making a profit out of everything. Marty himself thinks about it, but doubts that he can maintain stability by his own efforts. A man doesn't know if he should fight back or admit to himself that he doesn't mind being used for peace of mind.

The Shrink Next Door Season 2 Release Date

The Shrink Next Door 2 Release Date
The Apple TV+ Network is not yet revealedwhat they will do with television series “The Shrink Next Door“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, likely premiere date of The Shrink Next Door 2nd season is Friday, February 21, 2025.

The Shrink Next Door Season 2 Cast

The Shrink Next Door  Cast List
The central roles in television series was played by Will Ferrell as Martin “Marty” Markowitz and Paul Rudd as Dr. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf. Either Casey Wilson (Bonnie Herschkopf), Cornell Womack (Bruce Dolsey) and Kathryn Hahn as Phyllis Shapiro.

Schedule for The Shrink Next Door Season 2

Episode number Name Date
2x01 Episode 1 February 21, 2025
2x02 Episode 2 February 21, 2025
2x03 Episode 3 February 21, 2025
2x04 Episode 4 February 28, 2025
2x05 Episode 5 March 6, 2025
2x06 Episode 6 March 14, 2025
2x07 Episode 7 March 21, 2025
2x08 Episode 8 March 28, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR Trailer 2 (2021) Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell Series
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