The Outpost Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

March 11, 2021

The CW Channel announced release date of The Outpost season 4. TV Series will return on July 15th, 2021. Read below fresh rumors and news about next season.The Outpost Promotional Poster

Supernatural Fantasy Drama TV Show The Outpost premiered on July 10, 2018 at The CW Channel from United States. TV Show has 62 episodes in 4 seasons that aired every Thursday at 9 pm. It was produced by Jonathan Glassner (Executive Producer) and Marc Roskin (Executive Producer).

Fresh episodes is aired on Thursdays and has length 60 minutes. Viewers grading show with average rating 6.2.


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The Plot

The Outpost - PlotAt first, the girl who went to avenge her family did not know that she was special. She hoped to cope with her own strength and the anger that burned in her. However, finding out that she has additional abilities is a nice bonus and priority against enemies. As she continued on her way, she tried to master what she had suddenly acquired. The girl realizes that she has to spend them not only on her vendetta but also on helping others. In their world there is a dictator who took liberties for too long and too much. If he is not overthrown, he will simply destroy everyone sooner or later. The Avenger has nothing to lose, because her family is already dead, and she cares little about her life. Better to try to restore justice than to sob endlessly and feel sorry for yourself.

The Outpost Season 4 Release Date

The Outpost [maze type=The The CW Network is not yet announced what they will do with TV series “The Outpost“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, possible premiere date of The Outpost 4th season is Thursday, July 15, 2021.

The Outpost Season 4 Cast

The Outpost Cast ListThe central roles in TV show was played by Jessica Green as Talon and Jake Stormoen as Captain Garrett Spears. Either Anand Desai-Barochia (Janzo), Imogen Waterhouse (Gwynn), Adam Johnson (Munt), Aaron Fontaine (Baron Tobin Aegisford), Robyn Malcolm (The Mistress), Reece Ritchie (Zed), Andrew Howard (Marshal Wythers) and Izuka Hoyle as Wren.

Schedule for The Outpost Season 4

Episode number Name Date
4x01 Episode 1 - "Episode 1" July 15, 2021
4x02 Episode 2 July 22, 2021
4x03 Episode 3 July 29, 2021
4x04 Episode 4 August 5, 2021
4x05 Episode 5 August 12, 2021
4x06 Episode 6 August 19, 2021
4x07 Episode 7 August 29, 2021
4x08 Episode 8 September 5, 2021
4x09 Episode 9 September 12, 2021
4x10 Episode 10 September 19, 2021
4x11 Episode 11 September 26, 2021
4x12 Episode 12 October 3, 2021
4x13 Episode 13 October 10, 2021

Trailers and Video Teasers

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