Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

September 9, 2020

Netflix Channel declared about release date of Somebody Feed Phil season 5. New episodes will be back on April 1st, 2022. Here’s everything to know on the fifth season.Somebody Feed Phil Promotional Poster

Travel Food Television Series Somebody Feed Phil premiered on January 12th, 2018 at Netflix Network from USA. TV Show has 32 episodes in 5 seasons shown every Friday at 12 am. It was produced by Phil Rosenthal (Creator).

Fresh episodes is aired on Fridays and has length 28 minutes. Viewers ranking series with average rating 7.8.


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The Plot

Somebody Feed Phil - PlotAt first everyone thought Phil was a weird guy. He traveled a lot around the world but never went to local museums or even spent all his days on the beach. Instead, a man collected information about traditional dishes from different countries. He liked his work because he was paid for eating on camera and smiling. Of course, Phil is a very charismatic guy, so during meals he always joked and told interesting stories. Wherever he was, he always knew how to find places with amazing local cuisine. Spectators always salivate when they watch Phil's adventures. He constantly tries something new and shares the find with everyone. Some dishes look disgusting, but you just need to get used to them. Different mentalities prefer their snacks and dinners.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 5 Release Date

Somebody Feed Phil 5 Release DateThe Netflix Channel is not yet announced what they will do with TV series “Somebody Feed Phil“. But by comparing with previous schedule, possible premiere date of Somebody Feed Phil 5th season is Friday, April 1, 2022.

Somebody Feed Phil Season 4 Cast

Somebody Feed Phil Cast ListThe central roles in TV series was played by Phil Rosenthal as Phil Rosenthal.

Schedule for Somebody Feed Phil Season 5

Episode number Name Date
5x01 Episode 1 April 1, 2022
5x02 Episode 2 April 1, 2022
5x03 Episode 3 April 1, 2022
5x04 Episode 4 April 1, 2022
5x05 Episode 5 April 1, 2022
5x06 Episode 6 April 1, 2022
5x07 Episode 7 April 1, 2022
5x08 Episode 8 April 1, 2022
5x09 Episode 9 April 1, 2022
5x10 Episode 10 April 1, 2022

Trailers and Video Teasers

Somebody Feed Phil (Season 4) | Official Trailer | Netflix
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