Last Chance U Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

April 12, 2022

Netflix Channel reported about premiere date of Last Chance U season 6. Next part will return on July 22nd, 2025. Watch below fresh news and rumors about upcoming season.Last Chance U Promotional Poster

Sports Television Series Last Chance U premiered on July 29, 2016 at Netflix Network from USA. TV Series has 38 episodes in 5 seasons shown every Friday at 12 am.

Fresh episodes comes out on Fridays and has duration 60 minutes. Viewers grading series with average rating 7.5.


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The Plot

Last Chance U - PlotAmong athletes, there is an opinion that if a person has not devoted himself entirely to sports, then he will achieve little. Because many of them do not have a family, they train from morning till night because the competition is too high. Yes, it is considered that a friendly atmosphere should reign in the team. But in fact, every player secretly wants to be the best. It is not necessary to assume that the captain is the strongest and most talented person in the team. Each of them trains with sweat to become famous and achieve more than colleagues. A lot of athletes sacrificed not only their family but also health, which can no longer be restored. But they are not going to leave and give up their favorite business, even if a serious threat arises for them.

Last Chance U Season 6 Release Date

Last Chance U 6 Release DateThe Netflix Network is not yet revealed what they will do with TV show “Last Chance U“. But by comparing with previous schedule, possible release date of Last Chance U 6th season is Tuesday, July 22, 2025.

Last Chance U Season 6 Cast

Last Chance U  Cast ListThere is no information in our base about actors of this TV series. Stay tuned for updated data

Schedule for Last Chance U Season 6

Episode number Name Date
6x01 Episode 1 July 22, 2025
6x02 Episode 2 July 22, 2025
6x03 Episode 3 July 22, 2025
6x04 Episode 4 July 22, 2025
6x05 Episode 5 July 22, 2025
6x06 Episode 6 July 22, 2025
6x07 Episode 7 July 22, 2025
6x08 Episode 8 July 22, 2025
6x09 Episode 9 July 22, 2025
6x10 Episode 10 July 22, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Last Chance U | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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