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March 12, 2023

Amazon Freevee Network announced premiere date of Judy Justice season 3. TV Series will come on September 10, 2023. That’s everything to know on the third season.
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Legal Television Series Judy Justice premiered on November 1st, 2021 at Amazon Freevee Network from USA. Television Series has 265 episodes in 4 seasons that aired every Monday at 12 am.

Fresh episodes is aired on Mondays and has length minutes. Audience grading show with average rating 9.4.


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The Plot

Judy Justice - Plot
During her work, Judy had heard so many absurd things that her eyebrows were already automatically raised on her face, and her eyes said: "Are you serious?" So many people conspired with each other and invented tales to amuse their greed and deceive the plaintiffs, so many people tried to lie and hide something. Sometimes a woman breaks down and calls someone a donkey or an idiot, because this clowning cannot be endured staunchly and professionally. Constantly someone fights or swears, and she can only practice her irony and knock with a hammer. Judy's headache lies in the fact that people strive to whitewash themselves and call others idiots, often making fools of themselves. Sometimes she can chastise the plaintiff for wearing too inappropriate clothes or kick someone out of the room. For some reason they think that if they shout louder, they will be more right. However, this, after all, is not a comedy - a woman knows how to give life advice, even to young drug addicts - she is full of maternal compassion.

Judy Justice Season 3 Release Date

Judy Justice 3 Release Date
The Amazon Freevee Network is not yet revealedwhat they will do with television series “Judy Justice“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, possible release date of Judy Justice 3rd season is Sunday, September 10, 2023.

Judy Justice Season 3 Cast

Judy Justice  Cast List
The central roles in TV series was played by Judy Sheindlin as Judy Justice.

Schedule for Judy Justice Season 3

Episode number Name Date
3x01 Episode 1 September 10, 2023
3x02 Episode 2 September 10, 2023
3x03 Episode 3 September 10, 2023
3x04 Episode 4 September 10, 2023
3x05 Episode 5 September 10, 2023
3x06 Episode 6 September 10, 2023
3x07 Episode 7 September 10, 2023
3x08 Episode 8 September 10, 2023
3x09 Episode 9 September 10, 2023
3x10 Episode 10 September 10, 2023

Trailers and Video Teasers

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