Grimsburg Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

May 4, 2023

FOX Network revealed data about premiere date of Grimsburg season 2. Next part will return on February 16, 2025. Watch below fresh rumors and news about next season.
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Crime Comedy TV Series Grimsburg started from January 7, 2024 at FOX Network from United States. TV Show has 2 episodes in one season shown every Sunday at 9 pm. It was produced by Chadd Gindin (Executive Producer) and Gail Berman (Executive Producer).

New episodes is aired on Sundays and has duration 30 minutes. Audience ranking series with average rating 8.3.


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The Plot

Grimsburg - Plot
If Marvin were asked if he was afraid of the cannibal clown he caught last time, the man would say no. Instead, he would joke that he's more afraid of his family. You do not think anything inhuman, just a strained relationship. Marvin's genius did not help him in marriage, and, at the sight of this wonderful, but former woman, he still blushes and shy. Guided by the fact that even apostates sometimes get a second chance, he, putting himself on a moral level higher, also hopes to change everything. Of course, for this you will have to talk with your parents, but, in the end, they won’t eat it! Why should a seasoned and bearded detective be in awe of them?

Grimsburg Season 2 Release Date

Grimsburg 2 Release Date
The FOX Channel is not yet revealedtheir plans with television series “Grimsburg“. But looking for the last episodes schedule, likely premiere date of Grimsburg 2nd season is Sunday, February 16, 2025.

Grimsburg Season 2 Cast

Grimsburg  Cast List
The main roles in TV series was played by Jon Hamm as Marvin Flute.

Schedule for Grimsburg Season 2

Episode number Name Date
2x01 Episode 1 February 16, 2025
2x02 Episode 2 March 30, 2025
2x03 Episode 3 March 30, 2025
2x04 Episode 4 March 30, 2025
2x05 Episode 5 March 30, 2025
2x06 Episode 6 March 30, 2025
2x07 Episode 7 March 30, 2025
2x08 Episode 8 March 30, 2025
2x09 Episode 9 March 30, 2025
2x10 Episode 10 March 30, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Grimsburg Official Trailer Starring Jon Hamm | Animation on FOX!
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