Deliciousness Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

August 21, 2022

MTV Channel revealed data about premiere date of Deliciousness season 4. TV Show will return on December 23rd, 2024. Read below fresh news and rumors about upcoming season.Deliciousness Promotional Poster

Comedy TV Series Deliciousness first time shown on December 14th, 2020 at MTV Network from United States. TV Show has 60 episodes in 3 seasons shown every Monday at 12 am.

New episodes comes out on Mondays and has length 30 minutes. Viewers grading show with average rating 7.8.


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The Plot

Deliciousness - PlotIf you pay close attention, you can see how the internet has filled with food content. Someone every day shares photos of what he eats for breakfast, how he successfully went to a cafe and what he ordered for himself and his friends. A lot of people love to watch someone eat in front of the camera. It is desirable that the microphone is at the very mouth, and everyone can hear smacking and chomping, as well as the crunch of snacks. Users love to look at beautifully served food, and they drool every time they watch the cooking process. Tiffany decided to play this whole food theme in a humorous way. She creates funny videos to make people laugh heartily at the absurd things she comes up with. Maybe someone will find her strange, but she laughed a lot during the editing.

Deliciousness Season 4 Release Date

Deliciousness 4 Release DateThe MTV Network is not yet announced their plans with TV series “Deliciousness“. But by comparing with previous schedule, likely release date of Deliciousness 4th season is Monday, December 23, 2024.

Deliciousness Season 4 Cast

Deliciousness  Cast ListThe lead roles in TV series was played by Tiffani Thiessen as Host and Angela Kinsey as Angela Kinsey. Likewise Kel Mitchell (Kel Mitchell) and Timothy DeLaGhetto as Timothy DeLaGhetto.

Schedule for Deliciousness Season 4

Episode number Name Date
4x01 Episode 1 December 23, 2024
4x02 Episode 2 December 23, 2024
4x03 Episode 3 December 24, 2024
4x04 Episode 4 December 24, 2024
4x05 Episode 5 December 25, 2024
4x06 Episode 6 December 25, 2024
4x07 Episode 7 December 26, 2024
4x08 Episode 8 December 26, 2024
4x09 Episode 9 December 27, 2024
4x10 Episode 10 December 27, 2024
4x11 Episode 11 April 14, 2025
4x12 Episode 12 April 14, 2025
4x13 Episode 13 April 14, 2025
4x14 Episode 14 April 21, 2025
4x15 Episode 15 April 21, 2025
4x16 Episode 16 April 21, 2025
4x17 Episode 17 April 28, 2025
4x18 Episode 18 April 28, 2025
4x19 Episode 19 May 5, 2025
4x20 Episode 20 May 5, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Between BBQs & Ice Cream, What Could Go Wrong? | Deliciousness
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