Bob’s Burgers Season 15 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

October 14, 2023

FOX Network reported about release date of Bob's Burgers season 15. TV Show will come on September 29th, 2024. Watch below fresh rumors and news about next season.Bob's Burgers Promotional Poster

Family Comedy Television Series Bob's Burgers first time shown on January 9th, 2011 at FOX Channel from United States. TV Series has 273 episodes in 14 seasons that aired every Sunday at 9 pm. It was created by Phil Hayes (Art Director) and Kelvin Yu (Co-Producer).

Fresh episodes comes out on Sundays and has duration 30 minutes. Viewers grading show with average rating 7.9.


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The Plot

Bob's Burgers - PlotBob was not prepared for this much competition when he started the hamburger business. Most of all he pissed off Jimmy, who had a building directly opposite him. They fought constantly over customers who had to choose what to eat today: pizza or burgers. But their hatred, at times, was so hilarious that others did not take it seriously. The smiling wife Linda, who always tried to be positive and manage to raise three children, was also not worried about this. Incidentally, the eldest daughter showed great interest in the son of her father's enemy. She was most often left standing behind the counter and keeping an eye on the establishment, although she did not succeed very well. She was awkward and clumsy, and was also poor at socializing.

Bob's Burgers Season 15 Release Date

Bob's Burgers 15 Release DateThe FOX Channel is not yet announced their plans with TV show “Bob's Burgers“. But by comparing with previous schedule, potential release date of Bob's Burgers 15th season is Sunday, September 29, 2024.

Bob’s Burgers Season 15 Cast

Bob's Burgers  Cast ListKey roles in television series was played by H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher and Dan Mintz as Tina Belcher. As well Eugene Mirman (Gene Belcher), John Roberts (Linda Belcher), Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher) and Larry Murphy as Teddy.

Schedule for Bob's Burgers Season 15

Episode number Name Date
15x01 Episode 1 September 29, 2024
15x02 Episode 2 October 6, 2024
15x03 Episode 3 October 20, 2024
15x04 Episode 4 October 27, 2024
15x05 Episode 5 November 3, 2024
15x06 Episode 6 November 10, 2024
15x07 Episode 7 November 17, 2024
15x08 Episode 8 November 24, 2024
15x09 Episode 9 December 1, 2024
15x10 Episode 10 December 15, 2024
15x11 Episode 11 January 5, 2025
15x12 Episode 12 March 9, 2025
15x13 Episode 13 May 18, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Family Guy: Peter and Homer meet at Bob's Burgers.
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