Blindspotting Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

April 12, 2022

STARZ Channel announced release date of Blindspotting season 2. TV Show will come on April 14th, 2023. Watch below fresh news and rumors about upcoming season.Blindspotting Promotional Poster

Drama Comedy TV Show Blindspotting first time shown on June 13, 2021 at STARZ Network from United States. TV Show has 16 episodes in 2 seasons that aired every Sunday at 9 pm. It was created by Seith Mann (Executive Producer) and Jasmine Cephas Jones (Producer).

Fresh episodes is aired on Sundays and has length minutes. Viewers ranking show with average rating 4.9.


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The Plot

Blindspotting - PlotMiles went to jail, though no one had any doubts about that. Indeed, he threatened all with his pistol. Although initially, weapons were bought in order to defend themselves, not intimidate. The main thing to focus on in this situation is that Ashley was left without care. She will have to live with formal relatives who are not very happy with these connections. Now a teenager constantly has to think about what life consists of, how not to get bogged down in gnawing thoughts. Ashley tries to spice up everything with humor so as not to be vulnerable and not at all dissipate in despondency. There are too many chaotic events that cannot be prevented. All that remains is to form your own attitude towards them and not allow yourself to be pitied.

Blindspotting Season 2 Release Date

Blindspotting 2 Release DateThe STARZ Channel is not yet revealed their plans with television series “Blindspotting“. But by comparing with previous schedule, likely release date of Blindspotting 2nd season is Friday, April 14, 2023.

Blindspotting Season 2 Cast

Blindspotting  Cast ListThe central roles in TV series was played by Jasmine Cephas Jones as Ashley and Candace Nicholas-Lippman as Janelle. Also Benjamin Earl Turner (Earl), Jaylen Barron (Trish) and Atticus Woodward as Sean.

Schedule for Blindspotting Season 2

Episode number Name Date
2x01 Episode 1 - "Episode 1" April 14, 2023
2x02 Episode 2 - "Episode 2" April 14, 2023
2x03 Episode 3 April 21, 2023
2x04 Episode 4 April 28, 2023
2x05 Episode 5 May 12, 2023
2x06 Episode 6 May 19, 2023
2x07 Episode 7 May 26, 2023
2x08 Episode 8 June 2, 2023

Trailers and Video Teasers

Blindspotting | Official Trailer | Season 2
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