Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

June 19, 2023

Bravo Channel reported about release date of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5. Next part will be back on April 29th, 2025. Read below fresh news and rumors about next season.
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Travel Television Series Below Deck Sailing Yacht first time shown on February 3, 2020 at Bravo Network from United States. TV Series has 73 episodes in 4 seasons shown every Monday at 8 pm.

New episodes comes out on Mondays and has length 60 minutes. Audience ranking series with average rating 5.


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The Plot

Below Deck Sailing Yacht - Plot
It is not so easy to create comfort on luxury yachts, because guests demand some special opinion from them, but not generally accepted, but formed only in their head. They are constantly capricious, pretend to be aristocrats and, with exaggerated hysteria, force everything to be redone. Adam is already used to the fact that first he needs to balance in a sea of wine, and after a couple of hours he climbs and corrects the mast. Moreover, someone manages to drag a newborn onto the deck, and the staff must smile and flatter that it was a creative idea! When you can’t say anything to overdressed ladies, then you go to beat your colleague in the face. Of course, there are sincere and unspoiled people who will appreciate and delight in everything, but most often you have to deal with the cream of society.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 Release Date

Below Deck Sailing Yacht 5 Release Date
The Bravo Network is not yet revealedtheir plans with television series “Below Deck Sailing Yacht“. But by comparing with previous schedule, possible release date of Below Deck Sailing Yacht 5th season is Tuesday, April 29, 2025.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 Cast

Below Deck Sailing Yacht  Cast List
The main roles in television series was played by Glenn Shephard as Captain and Marcos Spaziani as Chef. As well Daisy Kelliher (Chief Steward), Colin MacRae (Chief Engineer), Gary King (Bosun), Gabriela Barragan (Steward), Ashley Marti (Steward), Kelsie Goglia (Deckhand), Tom Pearson (Deckhand) and Barnaby Birkbeck as Deckhand.

Schedule for Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5

Episode number Name Date
5x01 Episode 1 April 29, 2025
5x02 Episode 2 May 6, 2025
5x03 Episode 3 May 13, 2025
5x04 Episode 4 May 20, 2025
5x05 Episode 5 May 27, 2025
5x06 Episode 6 June 3, 2025
5x07 Episode 7 June 10, 2025
5x08 Episode 8 June 17, 2025
5x09 Episode 9 June 24, 2025
5x10 Episode 10 July 1, 2025
5x11 Episode 11 July 1, 2025
5x12 Episode 12 July 8, 2025
5x13 Episode 13 July 8, 2025
5x14 Episode 14 July 15, 2025
5x15 Episode 15 July 15, 2025
5x16 Episode 16 July 29, 2025
5x17 Episode 17 July 29, 2025
5x18 Episode 18 August 5, 2025
5x19 Episode 19 August 6, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

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