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March 9, 2023

Alibi Network announced release date of Annika season 2. Next part will be back on September 19, 2023. That’s everything to know on the second season.
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Mystery Drama Crime TV Show Annika premiered on August 17, 2021 at Alibi Network from United Kingdom. TV Series has 12 episodes in 2 seasons shown every Tuesday at 9 pm. It was produced by Philippa Collie Cousins (Executive Producer) and David Swetman (Executive Producer).

Fresh episodes comes out on Tuesdays and has duration 60 minutes. Audience ranking series with average rating 7.5.


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The Plot

Annika - Plot
Annika moves not only to another department, but also to the city, and the cases that are immediately hung up on her horrify her - some kind of runes, harpoons, and she herself almost exploded in the boat. And, by the way, she can no longer so recklessly and selflessly rush headlong into hot pursuit, because her daughter will not be able to live alone. The girl often tries to distract her mother and try to correct her for family life. But she, too, is no longer a little schoolgirl who blindly and wholeheartedly adores her mother, often she gets annoyed and breaks out. In turn, Annika resents why she has to find someone in the reservoirs and water canals every time, as if there were no other places for murders in the city.

Annika Season 2 Release Date

Annika 2 Release Date
The Alibi Network is not yet revealedwhat they will do with TV show “Annika“. But by comparing with previous schedule, possible release date of Annika 2nd season is Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

Annika Season 2 Cast

Annika  Cast List
The lead roles in television series was played by Nicola Walker as DI Annika Strandhed and Katie Leung as DC Blair Ferguson. As well Jamie Sives (DS Michael McAndrews), Ukweli Roach (DS Tyrone Clarke), Silvie Furneaux (Morgan Strandhed), Kate Dickie (DCI Diane Oban) and Paul McGann as Dr Jake Strathearn.

Schedule for Annika Season 2

Episode number Name Date
2x01 Episode 1 September 19, 2023
2x02 Episode 2 September 26, 2023
2x03 Episode 3 October 3, 2023
2x04 Episode 4 October 10, 2023
2x05 Episode 5 October 17, 2023
2x06 Episode 6 October 24, 2023

Trailers and Video Teasers

Annika Trailer
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