Anne Boleyn Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Spoilers and News

April 13, 2022

Channel 5 Channel reported about release date of Anne Boleyn season 2. TV Show will come on June 4th, 2025. Here’s everything to know on the second season.
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Thriller History Drama Television Series Anne Boleyn first time shown on June 1st, 2021 at Channel 5 Network from United Kingdom. Television Series has 3 episodes in one season shown every Tuesday at 9 pm. It was created by Eve Hedderwick Turner (Creator) and Lucy Spink (Production Designer).

Fresh episodes is aired on Tuesdays and has length 60 minutes. Audience ranking show with average rating 3.4.


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The Plot

Anne Boleyn - Plot
At first, many in the courtyard did not even know what Anne was an intriguer. How timid and aloof she can seem when she’s actually with the king and betraying her own sister. However, many were convinced that she was trying to jump above her own head. Her family became powerful and she brutally sacrificed the rightful queen for her ambitions. However, she did not take into account the fact that she would give birth to a girl first, and this would be like a slap in the face for the king. He pinned great hopes on the heir, disgraced his ex-wife, quarreled with the church, and all for the sake of the girl? Before the execution, Anna was already concerned that shame and poverty did not await her child.

Anne Boleyn Season 2 Release Date

Anne Boleyn 2 Release Date
The Channel 5 Network is not yet announcedtheir plans with TV show “Anne Boleyn“. But by comparing with previous schedule, likely premiere date of Anne Boleyn 2nd season is Wednesday, June 4, 2025.

Anne Boleyn Season 2 Cast

Anne Boleyn  Cast List
The central roles in TV show was played by Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn and Paapa Essiedu as George Boleyn. Also Barry Ward (Thomas Cromwell), Amanda Burton (Lady Shelton), Thalissa Teixeira (Madge Shelton), Isabella Laughland (Elizabeth Browne), Anna Brewster (Lady Rochford), Kris Hitchen (Duke of Norfolk), Mark Stanley (Henry VIII) and Lola Petticrew as Jane Seymour.

Schedule for Anne Boleyn Season 2

Episode number Name Date
2x01 Episode 1 June 4, 2025
2x02 Episode 2 June 5, 2025
2x03 Episode 3 June 6, 2025

Trailers and Video Teasers

Anne Boleyn Official Trailer | Streaming AMC+ Exclusively on Dec 9th
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